Woman Swapped At Birth, Then Abandoned, Awarded $495,000 

Antonella, 33, earned the award in a civil dispute in Puglia, southern ltaly, more than three decades after she was sent home with the wrong family. 

Antonella could have grown up with her biological parents in a stable, well-off environment, but she missed out and has suffered, her lawyer claimed. 

Antonella's childhood was "awful" because of Loreta, her lawyer stated. Her mother and father abandoned her. 

After Loreta uploaded a photo of Antonella on Facebook in 2012, the truth emerged. 

Caterina observed a striking resemblance to herself and, knowing Loreta had given birth at the same time, contacted Antonella and offered a DNA test.

Antonella sued the local authorities and won this week.  

Caterina, her husband, and their son each won $80,000. 

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