Pokemon Go fans demand Guzzlord and Mimikyu for Halloween event

Pokemon Go fans  are demanding the Ultra Beast Guzzlord and Alolan Ghost-type Mimikyu to debut in the game. 

In the past, rare Ghost-type Pokemon have been featured in Community Days and creepy Special Research stories. 

The Community Day for October has already been revealed, the announced Litwick feature was received well by excited Pokemon Go fans 

As part of the Season of Light, new Ultra Beasts have been teased through various trailers online. This includes the Dark/Dragon-type Guzzlord, among many other popular options. 

an even more highly requested Pokemon that has yet to come to Pokemon Go is the mysterious and creepy Mimikyu  

upcoming Halloween event, and the appearance of Alolan Mimikyu is high on the list of most players .   

Meanwhile, Qshinys adds “This is almost 100% guaranteed I am so excited for the month of October & Halloween announcement  .   

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