April Watson, @aprilwatson51, shared the video, saying, "So my mom wanted her hair like this, and this is how it went. 

The film cuts from severely styled curly- haired woman to her mother scrutinising her brilliant blonde, unnatural hair. 

TikToker Michael asked, "What happened? Watson reacted to youreastonefox's comment, "I bet she told the stylist she loved it. 

Mom then removes the extensions. TikToker Terri said, is she fuming? Watson: "it was out in 5 minutes."  

45 percent of 2,000 American men experienced a terrible haircut in the past year, and 57% shaved it off. 

Some stylists havea vision for your face shape, complexion tone, and hair texture.  

But Girls still like it most and Trend of Curly Hair never gone in USA.

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