GTA Online player finally saves up $1 billion after 18,000 hours of playing

Grand Theft Auto Online rewards cash payouts for many in-game activities. Selling cars, taking on jobs, and participating in premium races serve as but a few examples of easy ways to earn money 

Of course, players can also perform Heists or stick up a number of in-game stores for relatively quick results, too 

someone’s found a way to take advantage of a few quirks and bring in the big bucks. 

Reddit user jamcar70 recently shared a screenshot of Grand Theft Auto Online, showcasing how they finally saved up $1 billion in-game 

Jamcar70 accomplished this astounding feat after playing the multiplayer title for well over two years, which amounts to approximately 18,000 hours of playtime 

Jamcar70 explained that his $1 billion earnings in GTA Online came courtesy of “AFK on security cams to max nightclub earn  .   

Still, 18,000 hours over the course of two-plus years is a long time to keep the game running, even in lower power modes  .