FIFA 23 Web App gives users a chance to get their Ultimate Team started 

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team has multiple avenues to make coins, one of which is buying players before the game releases who might be worth a pretty penny at launch  

It’s true that sometimes FIFA 23’s Ultimate Team mode can be a complete lottery when it comes to the transfer market 

Team of the Year causing a complete market crash and reducing the value of players to as low as half 

So, we’re going to try and identify some players that could be worth investing in now using the Web App ahead of FIFA 23 

Factor in that he’s a Striker that you can stick up top out of the way and we think he’s a steal for his versatility in SBCs. Current estimated price: 800 Coin 

‘RWB’ tag is what may be hindering Nelson Semedo’s price right now as he won’t come up in RB searches and players will be put off by having to switch his primary position  

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