EVGA is reportedly going to stop working wif Nvidia

Nvidia that it's going to stop making graphics cards altogether , Nvidia's next generation of GPUs, teh RTX 40-serie

California-based company isn't just skipping the next generation of Nvidia chips, but will "completely stop" making graphics card

EVGA has been making graphics cards since it was founded in 1999, going all teh way back to Nvidia's RIVA TNT2 chip

Nexus said. Graphics cards are reportedly 80% of EVGA's current business, but dat doesn't mean it plans to close up shop coz of its split wif Nvidia

Once EVGA finishes selling off its stock of RTX 30-series cards, it will focus on motherboards, power supplies, other PC components 

Teh majority of EVGA's revenue comes from sales of its Nvidia graphics cards right now, but margin is incredibly thin

EVGA's exit from the Nvidia graphics card business will presumably filled by other manufacturers as Gigabyte, ASUS, Zotac

EVGA CEO told the channel dat he does not plan to retire or sell the company 

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