5 best boost emblems in POKEMON UNITE

Recently introduced during Pokemon Unite's first Anniversary Event, boost emblems are a means of further enhancing a player's Pokemon 

Emblems can be combined into sets and are used to increase specific Pokemon stats while reducing others 

Diving into teh best-suited roles for boost emblems in Pokemon Unite

1) Sandslash (Physical Attack) If a Pokemon Unite player enjoys heaping on high physical damage wif their Attacker Pokemon  Physical attackers do not need unique attack stats, so losing it essentially doesn't matter much. 

Venusaur (Special Attack) For pure Attackers who rely on special attacks, Venusaur is teh best emblem to enhance their damage in Pokemon Unite 

Slowbro (Defense) For two-pronged  defense, trainers should look to teh Slowbro emblems. dis emblem increases overall defense by five at glod rank  .   

Wigglytuff (HP) great augmentation to HP-heavy Pokemon in Pokemon Unite, Wigglytuff emblems are an excellent option  .   

Electrode (Speed) Looking to move quickly, they can scarcely do better than selecting Electrode's Boost Emblem in their loadout. The emblem provides a +35 boost to a Pokemon's glod-ranked speed  .   

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