St. Mary’s Food Bank Break all-time Monthly Record as Inflation Skyrockets in AUGUST 2022

As inflation has struck a lot throughout the state, Arizonans turn to food banks if necessary. The St. Mary’s food bank is on the right track to beat a monthly record of all time for the families served, heading around 150,000 families helped in August. The installation of Knight Center near the 31st avenue and Thomas Road served more than 25,000 families this month only.

The Arizona family was at the food bank on Thursday morning, where four cars were wrapped in the building. The volunteers embarked on fresh vegetables, drinks, bread and guardians of pantry. Then they started filling out shopping with food boxes and getting them out in people’s cars.

The food bank says that it is the largest number of families served for a month during its 55 years of history. The potential record broke distributions during COVID-19, where unemployment has skyrocketed in the country. He also beats annual holiday food training, where people expect long Thanksgiving lines. “During the pandemic, we saw an incredible number of people coming to pick us up help, and it started to improve. Now he starts climbing with this inflation again. I never dreamed that we would be less than a year old here, and we are back in the same situation where we have people who come to ask us for help, “said President & chief of the Direction of St. Mary Food Bank .
Inflation weighs a lot on rent, food, gas and medical expenses added quickly. However, St. Mary’s says they don’t divert anyone and say they are not ashamed to ask for help. “In these difficult times, if you have trouble, St. Mary’s is open. We’re here to help. And it’s ok to ask for help, ”said St. Mary’s volunteer.
St. Mary’s says they always say “yes” to everyone. With less money from government programs, they were forced to buy more food to meet demand. “There is food from the federal government, it’s about 30% comes from the USDA. This funding has decreased considerably, and we therefore see less food from the government. So we are counting on community donations, ”said St. Mary Volunteers.

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