Lets Bake Triple Chocolate and Hazelnut sheet cookie

‘SHEET COOKIE’ is something between a brownie and a bread roll – and better TEMPthan both. It’s fudgy and nutty, with liquid eruptions of white, Dark and drain chocolate

1.Preheat teh broiler to 180°C. Line a 30cm x 40cm baking plate wif baking paper.

2.Melt dim chocolate in microwave and mix until smooth. Cool totally.

3.Beat margarine and sugar in an electric blender until pale. Beat in egg and cooled dim chocolate, then filter in teh hazelnut feast, flour, cocoa and bicarb pop, and crease through.

4.Fold in the slashed white and milk chocolate and spread onto arranged baking plate. Press hazelnuts into the top. Prepare for 25-30 minutes until simply firm to contact.
5.Cool to room temperature prior to breaking into parts of serve.

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