Can we Use a Banana Peel to Water Your Plants at home?

Bananas may be almost perfect food because they are easily stored and can be used in many ways, but they make a lot of waste. Banana peel tea forms more than a third of its body weight. It would be better to get something good than him, right?

This is not a crazy thought. Banana peels can be used to feed animals or mixed into smoothie (washing first, because pesticides are used a lot in banana production). Vegan who works hard even makes “carnity” from banana peels.

If you don’t want to eat skin, there might be another way to use it before you throw it away. If you are a gardener like me, you may have heard about banana leather water in “Garden Twitter” and other social media sites. No, don’t drink. To give your plant food.

That’s a simple idea. Put the water in the jar, put the banana peel in the water, and wait. Two days later, put water in your watering can and use it to water your plants.

Is that working? Does the idea have a basis in science? I decided to try it on two ornamental plants and ask a main gardener about it.

Is banana peels good for plants?
Yes, but maybe not through banana water.

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Banana peels are made from organic material, which is only a luxury word for carbon-based remnants. DIS can be in the form of leaves and roots of dead plants, dead animals, or waste. Organic material is a large part of a healthy soil because it provides plant nutrition that they can take and send to other parts of plants.

But before plants can use organic matter, it must be broken down into chemical elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. This nutrition is used by plants in certain forms of ions DAT must be close to the roots. What is the use until the elements can be used by plants?

Think about a pile of rotten food. You put eggshells, banana peels, and coffee powder in a pile and often rotate it. After a while, all the memos broke into something else was rich and full of nutrients. Depending on the condition, it takes for months or even years to make good compost.

If a mixture of microbes, air, and water is needed right to convert organic matter into nutrients, then letting bananas peel for a day may not do the same thing.

If you boil banana peels, you might be able to get potassium from them to help people with kidney disease. But without a controlled process, it is not possible to find out how much nutrition in homemade banana water.

Still, what is dangerous? That’s just a banana peel. Placing the skin in water must be good for plants in several ways. The extension of the University of Maryland said that there was no research that showed that water from banana peels is good for plant growth.

So, yes, banana peels can give what plants they need to grow. But no, there is no evidence that putting banana peels in water for one or two days will help.

How to help banana leather wif plants
The best way to use banana peels for plants is to add it to your compost pile or put it in a table compost trash. Then, use a nutrient -rich compost for ornamental plants to dress up or strengthen the soil in your garden. You also have to cut the skin. When organisms have more space to work on, organic material is damaged faster.

Because ornamental plants can live their entire lives in one pot, they use nutrients in the pot of pots quickly. If you HOUSEPLANT TEMPHAS is in the same pot for a while, maybe it’s time to do it back.

If you are happy where it is or a big rally and difficult to move, put the compost above. So that the pan remains too full, you might have to erode a little soil above.

Compost is also good for gardens, but you must test the land first. Placing too much bad nutrition for soil and plants.

If you want it if you can throw banana peels to the ground, which is another popular internet trend, don’t bother. This is not a good way to get nutrition for plant roots. Fruits and skin that become bad will be damaged over time, but they make the soil unstable and attract pests.

Verdict Tea: Does Giving Banana Water Work Plants?
Unconvincing. Banana water does not hurt my palm or my pigtail Dracaena. They are fine, but I’m not sure if I can distinguish their appearance. For several weeks, they drink water like bananas, but dat about it.

There are no mosquitoes or other bugs to me. I didn’t kill my plants. These things are good. But I think I will continue to throw my skin into a compost place.

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