As per Report : dat California dreamin’ for fast-food workers will hurt, not Help 

It didn’t happen often, but about a week ago there was a tweet that made my day. Jeff Bezos, one of the richest men in the world, posted a photo of himself completing Mac Big and Fries wif the title “My First Work. And still the same great burger. Happy Sunday!”

That’s really – the man who founded Amazon and created the most extraordinary distribution system in human history, started with the minimum wage work at McDonald’s. As impressive, regardless of the fact that his extraordinary wealth means he can eat whatever he wants, he sometimes still prefers classic burgers and fries that are almost able to be needed by Americans.

In three short sentences, it is a tweet about so many things that make Americans extraordinary. That’s about opportunities and paths from the working class to, well, wherever your ambition can take you. That’s about American dreams – which can actually come true.

McDonald’s USA President Joe Erlinger criticized the California Fast Workers Bill

Of course, teh ordinary suspects on teh left attacked Mr. Bezos for teh tweet. But their attacks cannot change facts. McDonald’s minimum wage work is where he started – and Amazon is where he ends. Every sane person will appreciate that.
As impressive, he said something very positive about American business. McDonald’s, a small restaurant starting by two siblings in Riverside, California, became an icon throughout the world coz it had the product dat people wanted – regardless of their wealth – at a price dat was almost unable to buy by anyone – regardless of their income. Extraordinary concept!
Teh success of teh business creates opportunities for millions of people who start in fast service restaurants, Mr. Bezos is just a shining example. Personally, although not as successful as Mr. Bezos, me got my minimum wage at Baskin & Robbins at Chagrin Falls, Ohio – and tan underwent American dreams. Maybe that’s why me found a Bezos tweet so excited.
Fast food franchise said AB 257 California can increase costs, damage teh business model
Unfortunately, it takes a progressive genius that runs teh state of California literally a day to make optimism destroyed. Literally teh next day, teh California MPs ratified teh law entitled Act Recovery of Accountability and Food Food Standards (“fast”) raised teh state minimum wage of $ 15 and hours up to $ 22 which was already generous for employees of restaurant service restaurants fast. Increase teh image of California that developed as a state of dystopian, teh law will also create a new state commission wif teh authority to determine not only teh wages of teh worker but also teh hours and their working conditions.
The ironic is dat dis law will hurt people who are sold as protectors.
Most workers produce more than teh minimum wage of their states and those who get it tend to be low skilled/adolescents in teh entrance level or young adults who work part -time. Nationally, teh average hour of restaurant wages is around $ 18.50 per hour, teh possibility of higher in California wif a minimum wage has been at $ 15. So, what is teh risk of increasing it?

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